• MACDERMOL® fillers are hyaluronic acid-based gels indicated for patients who want to correct cutaneous depressions (such as skin creases, lines, wrinkles, folds, and concave scars), restore facial volume, augment lips and deeply hydrate skin.
  • MACDERMOL® acts mechanically, by absorbing water and swelling, and biologically, by stimulating the production of new collagen and glycosaminoglycan. This dual effect makes it possible to create a volume that immediately and durably augments the soft tissue.
  • MACDERMOL® is entirely natural and biocompatible. The proprietary technology applied in MACDERMOL® enables to safely provide high power of water retention, enhanced collagen synthesis and better resistance to enzymatic, oxidative, thermal and mechanical degradations. The result is a significant and long-lasting volume creation as well as a complete non-toxicity and biocompatibility for a maximized patient comfort.

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  • Mesofilling is a new concept of injectable treatment between dermal filling and mesotherapy.
  • Mesotherapy, a safe, effective and established non-surgical medical technique developed by the French doctor Dr. Michel Pistor in the 1950’s, involves local, multiple injections (intraepidermal, intradermal or subcutaneous) of micro-doses of active therapeutic substances. The advantage of this procedure is to deliver potent molecules directly on the area of tissue to be treated, providing superior effectiveness and safety compared to other routes of administration (epicutaneous, oral, intravenous etc.).
  • Mesofilling combined this technique with the injection of biomaterial. Basically, a mesofiller is a low concentrated dermal filler supplemented with active ingredients.
  • MACDERMOL® MESOFILLERS are specialized mesofilling treatments applied to the skin and indicated for patients who want to revitalize the dermis, correct the cutaneous laxity and improve the clinical appearance of cellulite or alopecia.

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