The most common problems facing ostomates are leakage and skin irritation. Leakage can occur when output is particularly watery, when there are dips and crevices around the stoma or from using a poorly fitted appliance. Such leakage can then cause irritation to the surrounding skin, making it red and sore.

EAKIN Cohesive® Seals can help solve these common problems! The Cohesive® Seal is soft and mouldable and fits snugly around the base of your stoma to provide a leak proof seal and help prevent effluent from coming in contact with the skin, hence preventing any potential skin problems.

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EAKIN Cohesive Slims® are ideal for those who do not have significant skin problems but who want reassurance and a more comfortable and secure pouching system. They provide
an ideal solution for people with minor skin irritations or skin irregularities and for those who like to change their pouch more frequently.

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EAKIN Small Cohesive® Seals are thicker than the others and are designed to provide maximum skin protection for those with existing skin irritation or potential leakage issues. They are also effective at increasing pouch weartime.

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EAKIN Large Cohesive® Seals are designed for use where a large area of peristomal skin is sore or irritated and requires protection. They can also be used with a deep convexity pouch to help provide a better adhesion to the skin and are highly effective in urostomy care where the output is more corrosive.

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EAKIN Wound Pouches™ are designed to collect wound exudate, whilst the integrated Cohesive® Skin Barrier offers complete skin protection and a secure fit. There are 2 different closures and a wide variety of sizes in the range.

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